Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dark Weavings - Enemies & Allies


Drow House Zauvirr of Sshamath

Eye of Justice

Yuan-ti of Najara

Zhents of Darkhold


The Merchant's Guild/The Lion's Den

The Merchant’s Guild in Elturgard seeks to bring prosperity to the region. They desire free trade and freedom of choice.

The Merchant's Guild supports a separate organisation of adventurers to deal with local problems this group is known as the Lion’s Den.

"The Den" is composed of mostly well meaning adventurers – though some prefer to call them mercenaries.

While the guild has means to bring prosperity to the region, some feel that only money motivates the guild.

People of many different faiths in Elturgard support the Lion's Den. Most of these are good-aligned faiths, including the faiths of Sune, Tymora, and of course Waukeen.

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