Monday, 11 March 2013

House Rules

Action Points

Your PC gets an action point each encounter. This cannot be saved for the next encounter.

NB: This makes the Action Surge feat for humans particularly worthwhile.

Critical Hits

Against Minions 

Right now, a critical hit against a minion is wasted. So, if you roll a natural 20 against a minion you may choose one of the following effects:

1. make a basic attack against another minion;
2. gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn; or
3. the next time you roll a natural 1 on a d20 before the end of the encounter you may reroll the d20.

Against Non-minions 

Instead of the normal effects of a critical hit, you may choose to reroll a single d20 result that you do not like before the end of the encounter. This can be your attack roll or saving throw, or the attack roll or saving throw of an enemy.

Fate Points

You start the game with 1 fate point. You gain 1 new fate point each time you gain a new level. The DM may award a fate point for achieving something extraordinary (DM's discretion).

Spending fate points does not require an action. You may spend as many as you wish and you may interrupt the turn of an enemy or ally to use them. (Essentially, they trump every other action.)

You may choose one the following effects when you spend 1 fate point:

1. All conditions affecting you end (including the dying condition). You stand up from prone if you were prone. You regain hit points as if you had spent a healing surge. You may also spend up to 2 healing surges. You gain a +2 bonus to your defences and resist 5/tier all until the end of your turn.

2. You gain a standard action with which you must use an attack power.
- If your attack has a single target, you do not roll your attack roll but your attack roll is treated as if you rolled a natural 20 and thus a critical hit.
- If your attack roll has multiple targets, you roll all your attack rolls but you may replace any 1 die result with a natural 20 and thus a critical hit.

3. You regain all your expended encounter and daily powers (including magic items powers) and they are available for your use. You regain all your expended healing surges. You regain hit points equal to your bloodied value.

4. Until the end of this encounter, you may reroll any die or dice when you do not like the result.

5. It is the end of the encounter and you are dead. You are not dead. All other conditions that were affecting you end. You have hit points equal to your bloodied value. You gain all the benefits of an extended rest.

Each of these benefits are significant - perhaps even overpowered - but these are meant to represent that the PCs are truly extraordinary and are touched by fate.

There is one other way in which a fate point can be used but this is strictly for negotiation between the player and the DM: you may use 1 or more fate points to alter reality. Let's just say you may change something in the campaign or discover an important secret. However, be careful before using a fate point in this way: you don't want it to ruin the game or your sense of achievement in particular.

These are not being used. If something triggers off a milestone - I think there are a few magic items that do - just replace the word "milestone" with "encounter".

Friday, 8 March 2013

More Names by Ed Greenwood - Candlekeep, Forging the Realms, Spin A Yarn

Here are 167 more names.

The names from Forging the Realms are complete as at today - errors and omissions excepted, of course - while the names from Candlekeep and his Spin A Yarn articles barely scratch the surface. I hope to finish all of the Spin A Yarn names this weekend; Candlekeep should only take me a few years.

Aeriskul    Candlekeep
Ahrakshar    Forging the Realms
Alasturan Malatheer    Candlekeep
Alauntra    Spin A Yarn 2007
Alduth of Neverwinter    Candlekeep
Alorxlan    Spin A Yarn 2008
Alruen    Candlekeep
Alys Farndoan    Spin A Yarn 2007
Amaldur    Forging the Realms
Amaleene    Candlekeep
Amaundra Faeroethyr    Candlekeep
Ammellaraume Margaster    Spin A Yarn 2008
Anlarahlatha    Forging the Realms
Annalathra    Spin A Yarn 2004
Arendreth    Spin A Yarn 2006
Arlborm    Forging the Realms
Aunthordryn the Treant    Forging the Realms
Baelam the Bold    Spin A Yarn 2008
Baelrun Nandar    Spin A Yarn 2007
Baer    Spin A Yarn 2007
Baerem Waeldantor    Spin A Yarn 2007
Baerikho    Spin A Yarn 2004
Baerlum    Forging the Realms
Bandoon    Spin A Yarn 2008
Bangraerho    Spin A Yarn 2007
Barrera Alhound    Spin A Yarn 2004
Beleryk    Spin A Yarn 2008
Belgrim Huldersord    Spin A Yarn 2004
Belgrim the Bold    Spin A Yarn 2004
Beltarkh the Bold    Candlekeep
Blayvur    Spin A Yard 2009
Breldur Arskitarr    Candlekeep
Brengur    Forging the Realms
Caunter    Candlekeep
Clargustus    Forging the Realms
Daerath    Forging the Realms
Danchaezhur    Spin A Yarn 2004
Darathra of the Deep Trees    Spin A Yarn 2004
Dardulph    Spin A Yarn 2008
Dark Shalyss, female wereshark warpriest of Umberlee    Forging the Realms
Dathamra “Deadsword” Alyth    Candlekeep
Dathanae Oumrau    Candlekeep
Daunten Manthor    Forging the Realms
Delmistra    Spin A Yarn 2007
Dlaerek    Forging the Realms
Donalthur    Spin A Yarn 2004
Dredra, Nightlash of Loviatar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Dusk Lanvyl    Spin A Yarn 2008
Duthsurouk    Forging the Realms
Emmurgan    Spin A Yarn 2004
Ethark    Forging the Realms
Faen Dorlurgar Wondergleam    Spin A Yarn 2004
Forn    Spin A Yarn 2004
Galathsar    Forging the Realms
Galaunt    Spin A Yarn 2004
Galmai    Spin A Yarn 2004
Gheladaram    Forging the Realms
Glarasteer Rhauligan    Forging the Realms
Glaress    Spin A Yarn 2008
Godolphin Nandar    Spin A Yarn 2007
Gorar, Fang of Malar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Gorth Garlen    Spin A Yarn 2007
Grauble    Spin A Yarn 2007
Haldroun Mornmantle    Spin A Yard 2009
Hamandrar Illuk    Forging the Realms
Haramond Bandoun    Spin A Yarn 2008
Hardreth    Spin A Yarn 2004
Hartholan    Spin A Yarn 2007
Herekh    Forging the Realms
Hondryre    Forging the Realms
Horgar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Horl/Horlhorn    Forging the Realms
Horlor    Forging the Realms
Horthan of Torm    Spin A Yarn 2004
Ilast Sendru    Forging the Realms
Ilhadra Inthru    Forging the Realms
Iliphanar    Forging the Realms
Ilrin    Candlekeep
Jalarghar    Candlekeep
Jalathra Bravren    Forging the Realms
Jarrok    Forging the Realms
Joysarra    Candlekeep
Kalandra Bandoun    Spin A Yarn 2008
Kathat    Forging the Realms
Kurskyn    Forging the Realms
Lady Faelra Umbrusk of Waterdeep    Forging the Realms
Lanvyl    Spin A Yarn 2008
Larglar Husteem    Spin A Yarn 2006
Larm    Spin A Yarn 2006
Lavhelhar    Forging the Realms
Loreth Swanfist    Spin A Yarn 2004
Lucklai Minstrelwish    Spin A Yarn 2004
Malasker    Spin A Yarn 2004
Manthar    Spin A Yarn 2007
Marandur Kalthur    Forging the Realms
Markhlar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Marlrondur    Forging the Realms
Marrhrek    Forging the Realms
Martul    Spin A Yarn 2007
Massalan    Spin A Yarn 2004
Melark    Spin A Yarn 2006
Melvar the Mouth    Spin A Yarn 2008
Melve Urondur    Forging the Realms
Mhair Szelrune    Spin A Yarn 2007
Muraevus "Merrysong" Ruroerlar    Candlekeep
Murlith    Spin A Yarn 2004
Myschanta Halarra    Spin A Yarn 2007
Naere    Spin A Yarn 2007
Naevur    Spin A Yarn 2004
Nandar    Spin A Yarn 2007
Nareira Fallmantle    Forging the Realms
Narlglar Chelith    Forging the Realms
Nendraer Wondergleam    Spin A Yarn 2004
Nita "the Halfbreed"    Candlekeep
Nyndel    Spin A Yarn 2006
Olephzgar    Forging the Realms
Olimbur Dardulph    Spin A Yarn 2008
Onstag    Spin A Yarn 2006
Orlavar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Oruld    Spin A Yarn 2004
Orviir Kalgalast    Forging the Realms
Parlymzgar    Forging the Realms
Phanarr    Forging the Realms
Phirauz    Forging the Realms
Presper Staunach    Spin A Yarn 2007
Quelzard    Forging the Realms
Rambuck    Spin A Yarn 2006
Rathra    Forging the Realms
Raudraera    Forging the Realms
Raunwyvern    Forging the Realms
Redafaern    Forging the Realms
Relanderquist    Forging the Realms
Reld    Spin A Yarn 2004
Rhaumus    Spin A Yarn 2004
Roarel Jardeth    Spin A Yarn 2006
Roarynguld    Spin A Yarn 2008
Rondreval Sambrast    Spin A Yarn 2008
Ronsil Haeladtongue of Zazesspur    Candlekeep
Roryl Caunter    Candlekeep
Roysil    Forging the Realms
Runelee    Spin A Yarn 2008
Ruskrus    Forging the Realms
Sarrand    Forging the Realms
Scarscales    Spin A Yarn 2008
Semkhrun    Forging the Realms
Semskarr    Forging the Realms
Sharlee    Spin A Yarn 2008
Surroukh    Forging the Realms
Talaressa Wondergleam    Spin A Yarn 2004
Tarnelo Warwynd    Forging the Realms
Thadras    Forging the Realms
Thalver    Forging the Realms
Thardask Emmercloak    Spin A Yarn 2007
Tharlaskra of the Bells    Candlekeep
Tharth    Forging the Realms
Thorl Shatteraxe    Forging the Realms
Torrzgar    Forging the Realms
Tszimurdue    Spin A Yarn 2004
Urthorkh    Candlekeep
Varaezel    Forging the Realms
Vrandeir    Spin A Yarn 2008
Wuldoth    Spin A Yarn 2004
Xameelg    Spin A Yarn 2008
Xondur of Cyric    Spin A Yarn 2004
Yarlhark    Forging the Realms
Yathla    Spin A Yarn 2007
Zherend Arjhool    Forging the Realms

Sunday, 3 March 2013

More Names by Ed Greenwood - Pathfinder 33, FRE1, FRE2 & FRE3

It only really sank in a few nights ago that Ed contributed quite a few monsters to the Kingmaker adventure path for Paizo plus a small regional write-up in Pathfinder 33 - The Varnhold Vanishing. So, of course, I had to get the names... plus I finally got around to extracting them from the three Times of Troubles adventures: Shadowdale, Tantras and Waterdeep.

A quick warning about the ToT adventures: they're not very good. They're railroads of the worst kind BUT there is a lot of FR flavour to steal from there. I just don't think adventures where you are spectators for characters that the DM is running is the way to play D&D or any RPG.

Anyway, here are 335 more names by Ed (deliberately omitting more famous character names, of course, to make sure these are more likely to be usable):
Aithlin Nightleaf FRE1 Shadowdale
Alaphale FRE2 Tantras
Alasstan FRE2 Tantras
Albaer Morndragon FRE2 Tantras
Albhaera FRE3 Waterdeep
Alestra Thrun Maer FRE1 Shadowdale
Alghazh FRE1 Shadowdale
Alosar FRE1 Shadowdale
Althor Haugrim PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Ambras Baerinth PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Ammethrine Nathyl FRE2 Tantras
Ansultath FRE1 Shadowdale
Anthagar the Blind FRE1 Shadowdale
Anthara "Softjangles" Shalymarr FRE3 Waterdeep
Antharn FRE1 Shadowdale
Arainth PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Arbold Tethyr FRE3 Waterdeep
Ardel Hammerbayle FRE2 Tantras
Arlho FRE2 Tantras
Arlparn FRE2 Tantras
Aseel FRE2 Tantras
Ashnairn Highsong FRE3 Waterdeep
Auldo Morim FRE3 Waterdeep
Aylen Atrricus FRE2 Tantras
Baerlear FRE1 Shadowdale
Barrast Murlene FRE2 Tantras
Baskar Lendo FRE3 Waterdeep
Belarin FRE1 Shadowdale
Belemos Hawklyn FRE1 Shadowdale
Belintar Sharnraven FRE2 Tantras
Belmargh FRE2 Tantras
Belmira FRE2 Tantras
Belogh FRE1 Shadowdale
Beluane "Brighteyes" Alkath FRE1 Shadowdale
Berengaria FRE3 Waterdeep
Bhela FRE1 Shadowdale
Blackhand Lhaol FRE1 Shadowdale
Bloodjack Baerrens PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Bowdar FRE2 Tantras
Bracegar FRE1 Shadowdale
Bracerim Thabbold FRE1 Shadowdale
Brandyjack Two-Cask FRE1 Shadowdale
Braunstar FRE2 Tantras
Brel Sejanus FRE2 Tantras
Bronsus FRE1 Shadowdale
Brorin Hundegarl FRE2 Tantras
Buldegas Mhaerkoon FRE3 Waterdeep
Buldo Cravan the Butcher FRE1 Shadowdale
Cabrant Larrhoztarm PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Calantar FRE1 Shadowdale
Chaddath FRE1 Shadowdale
Chalannos "the Masked" Firehawk FRE3 Waterdeep
Chalthos Immer FRE3 Waterdeep
Channas Hornweather FRE2 Tantras
Chathlos Ordgrimmer FRE2 Tantras
Chelbeth Thund FRE2 Tantras
Cheth Zalbar FRE1 Shadowdale
Chonszul FRE1 Shadowdale
Chuldos FRE2 Tantras
Daglar Maermeet FRE1 Shadowdale
Dairantha Shieldstone FRE1 Shadowdale
Dalzhel FRE3 Waterdeep
Dannath Redlorn FRE1 Shadowdale
Darblas FRE2 Tantras
Dargut Droon PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Darnym FRE2 Tantras
Darviathar FRE1 Shadowdale
Dazniir Relharphin FRE1 Shadowdale
Deggeth FRE2 Tantras
Deltar Tummariln FRE3 Waterdeep
Dhaliima FRE1 Shadowdale
Dhalmass FRE1 Shadowdale
Dhelthaen FRE1 Shadowdale
Dhurthal Ironhand FRE3 Waterdeep
Dorn Blackhammer FRE1 Shadowdale
Dorosze FRE1 Shadowdale
Dreeth PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Dulbiir FRE1 Shadowdale
Dunlass Tathelkom FRE1 Shadowdale
Dunlath Darlspur FRE3 Waterdeep
Dunman Kiriag FRE3 Waterdeep
Durgo Silvermane FRE1 Shadowdale
Dutharr FRE1 Shadowdale
Eighlar FRE1 Shadowdale
Elassa Thintel FRE1 Shadowdale
Elbaerl of Tethyr FRE3 Waterdeep
Elferel FRE1 Shadowdale
Elhazir FRE1 Shadowdale
Elimier FRE1 Shadowdale
Ensebel Riotharr FRE1 Shadowdale
Essen FRE2 Tantras
Faress FRE2 Tantras
Farl FRE3 Waterdeep
Felsath FRE1 Shadowdale
Fillaro FRE1 Shadowdale
Finlisker FRE2 Tantras
Flindurl FRE1 Shadowdale
Gammeir One-Eye FRE1 Shadowdale
Garthim the Black FRE1 Shadowdale
Gelzunduth FRE1 Shadowdale
Ghastar Ulvarinn FRE1 Shadowdale
Ghorn the Masked Miracle FRE1 Shadowdale
Golkont the Hawk-Mage FRE1 Shadowdale
Gower FRE3 Waterdeep
Gratus FRE2 Tantras
Grommor PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Gulder FRE2 Tantras
Gulthagh FRE1 Shadowdale
Gurimn FRE1 Shadowdale
Guthel FRE1 Shadowdale
Guzundul FRE1 Shadowdale
Haerldoun "Hawkmaster" FRE3 Waterdeep
Halath Mhaerim FRE2 Tantras
Halaze FRE1 Shadowdale
Haldos the Butcher FRE3 Waterdeep
Halemar FRE2 Tantras
Hanno Minstrelsong FRE3 Waterdeep
Harandave Donohar FRE3 Waterdeep
Hawksguard FRE1 Shadowdale
Helbronsar FRE2 Tantras
Helduth FRE1 Shadowdale
Heth FRE2 Tantras
Hiloar FRE1 Shadowdale
Hlund FRE2 Tantras
Hondrul Meirshin FRE1 Shadowdale
Huln Darkblade FRE1 Shadowdale
Hundar FRE1 Shadowdale
Huntileir FRE1 Shadowdale
Iardon FRE1 Shadowdale
Ilithar Soond FRE1 Shadowdale
Ilsig FRE1 Shadowdale
Ilthanas FRE1 Shadowdale
Iluith PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Indreth FRE1 Shadowdale
Inthras FRE1 Shadowdale
Ioghil FRE1 Shadowdale
Irriphar FRE1 Shadowdale
Jathul Quelnor FRE1 Shadowdale
Jhamma FRE1 Shadowdale
Jhannath FRE1 Shadowdale
Jhembryn Durrock FRE2 Tantras
Jorm FRE1 Shadowdale
Juldoon of Marsember FRE1 Shadowdale
Juliel FRE2 Tantras
Kadarach FRE2 Tantras
Kae Deverell FRE3 Waterdeep
Kaladryn PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Kaulvaerus FRE2 Tantras
Kelsar FRE1 Shadowdale
Keltan FRE3 Waterdeep
Khair FRE3 Waterdeep
Khammath FRE1 Shadowdale
Khossont Nairel FRE1 Shadowdale
Klamaer FRE1 Shadowdale
Kraligh FRE1 Shadowdale
Kurguluk PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Kuthe Memblarn FRE2 Tantras
Labbath FRE2 Tantras
Laddath FRE2 Tantras
Ladlan Ruldo FRE3 Waterdeep
Laeduth FRE1 Shadowdale
Laerlee FRE1 Shadowdale
Lalym FRE2 Tantras
Landon "Wonderwand" Bhentyl FRE3 Waterdeep
Larrhoztarm PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Lashan FRE2 Tantras
Leahon Woumar FRE3 Waterdeep
Lentyl Murr FRE1 Shadowdale
Lheskar Bhallir FRE1 Shadowdale
Lhuin FRE2 Tantras
Lostlarn PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Lulth Ormar FRE2 Tantras
Luorn Kabarr FRE1 Shadowdale
Maea "Ironeyes" Dulgussir FRE3 Waterdeep
Maerhindor FRE1 Shadowdale
Manlathyr FRE1 Shadowdale
Marlstone FRE2 Tantras
Massim FRE2 Tantras
Mathal Durshavin FRE1 Shadowdale
Mhael FRE1 Shadowdale
Mhaer Tzintin FRE1 Shadowdale
Mhaerek FRE2 Tantras
Mhaernos Falconstar FRE3 Waterdeep
Mhaes FRE1 Shadowdale
Mhezenter Mirilar FRE3 Waterdeep
Mieskal FRE1 Shadowdale
Misrim FRE1 Shadowdale
Mlizar FRE1 Shadowdale
Mnester FRE2 Tantras
Moongentle Lharinn FRE1 Shadowdale
Mother Lahamma FRE1 Shadowdale
Mother Tethos FRE3 Waterdeep
Mousomyn Bhuir FRE1 Shadowdale
Muldiver FRE2 Tantras
Mulkaer Lomdath FRE1 Shadowdale
Multhimmer FRE2 Tantras
Nairgel FRE1 Shadowdale
Nairmel FRE1 Shadowdale
Naneatha FRE1 Shadowdale
Nathscal FRE1 Shadowdale
Nelzara FRE1 Shadowdale
Norauth the Withered PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Norphym FRE1 Shadowdale
Nphreg Jhanos FRE1 Shadowdale
Nuathue FRE2 Tantras
Nulrove Dornar FRE1 Shadowdale
Nyaril FRE1 Shadowdale
Nym "Slowtooth" Nindar FRE3 Waterdeep
Ogden the Hardrider FRE3 Waterdeep
Old Nolbi FRE1 Shadowdale
Omnur Lartash PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Orbraun FRE2 Tantras
Orbul FRE1 Shadowdale
Orlenstar Thirlthorn FRE3 Waterdeep
Ormthel the Spellseller FRE1 Shadowdale
Oront PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Orphast Ulbanath FRE1 Shadowdale
Orth PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Orthult PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Osbryn FRE2 Tantras
Ossel Bharauk FRE1 Shadowdale
Paerus FRE2 Tantras
Phaesha FRE1 Shadowdale
Phandurn FRE1 Shadowdale
Psammas Durviir FRE1 Shadowdale
Purk FRE2 Tantras
Quenel FRE1 Shadowdale
Quezzo FRE1 Shadowdale
Quorl FRE1 Shadowdale
Rareezra PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Raspral FRE1 Shadowdale
Rathool FRE3 Waterdeep
Resker PF33 The Varnhold Vanishing
Retheel FRE1 Shadowdale
Rhalseer FRE1 Shadowdale
Riothar Irontongue FRE1 Shadowdale
Rithindel of the Seven Stars FRE1 Shadowdale
Roarel Olff FRE3 Waterdeep
Roel FRE2 Tantras
Ruaugh FRE1 Shadowdale
Saerdar FRE1 Shadowdale
Salreen Shamarsair FRE1 Shadowdale
Samal FRE2 Tantras
Sammeth FRE2 Tantras
Sandyrina FRE1 Shadowdale
Saprach FRE2 Tantras
Sar Mornil FRE2 Tantras
Sarkh FRE2 Tantras
Sarlgon the Tall FRE3 Waterdeep
Sashesh FRE2 Tantras
Sedros FRE2 Tantras
Selcheth Yundael FRE2 Tantras
Selda Imyara FRE3 Waterdeep
Selmavra Elsree FRE1 Shadowdale
Sendever FRE3 Waterdeep
Sespetralee, Whiplass of Loviatar FRE1 Shadowdale
Sezimmer FRE1 Shadowdale
Sharoon Themistyl FRE2 Tantras
Shassra FRE1 Shadowdale
Shendle FRE2 Tantras
Shindal FRE2 Tantras
Shuldo FRE2 Tantras
Sieran FRE2 Tantras
Sindyl Sormagh FRE1 Shadowdale
Skorl FRE2 Tantras
Sneakabout FRE3 Waterdeep
Sorcryst FRE1 Shadowdale
Sordrim Nund FRE2 Tantras
Sorltar FRE2 Tantras
Soulall FRE2 Tantras
Ssantusas FRE1 Shadowdale
Ssarra FRE1 Shadowdale
Ssuntar FRE1 Shadowdale
Sundath FRE1 Shadowdale
Sunlar FRE3 Waterdeep
Sunrun FRE2 Tantras
Suth FRE2 Tantras
Syritim FRE1 Shadowdale
Taburg Shen FRE3 Waterdeep
Tamthiir FRE1 Shadowdale
Tanlatha Tyrlan FRE2 Tantras
Tanlathyn FRE1 Shadowdale
Tarnlassa FRE2 Tantras
Thabort FRE2 Tantras
Thael Diirim FRE1 Shadowdale
Thalar FRE2 Tantras
Thannaster FRE1 Shadowdale
Thardock FRE1 Shadowdale
Tharsar Immerlund FRE3 Waterdeep
Theln Roaringhorn FRE2 Tantras
Theremen Ulath FRE2 Tantras
Thomaer FRE1 Shadowdale
Thond FRE1 Shadowdale
Thorbok FRE1 Shadowdale
Thorn Nuldue FRE2 Tantras
Thurbal FRE1 Shadowdale
Tilvaer FRE1 Shadowdale
Tolbir Sarone FRE2 Tantras
Torlin FRE1 Shadowdale
Turlin FRE2 Tantras
Turnal Rhestayn FRE1 Shadowdale
Uglund FRE2 Tantras
Uirboar Thendel FRE1 Shadowdale
Uith Thongh FRE3 Waterdeep
Uithgel FRE1 Shadowdale
Uld Riothass FRE2 Tantras
Uldar FRE3 Waterdeep
Ulgon FRE1 Shadowdale
Ulhindos FRE1 Shadowdale
Ulnar Varro FRE2 Tantras
Unthras FRE1 Shadowdale
Urda Malo FRE3 Waterdeep
Vaethym Olorar FRE1 Shadowdale
Varden FRE2 Tantras
Veltar FRE1 Shadowdale
Vespryn FRE1 Shadowdale
Vespryn FRE1 Shadowdale
Vilnar Orsborg FRE3 Waterdeep
Vobbal FRE2 Tantras
Vondor FRE1 Shadowdale
Warthendel the Watcher FRE1 Shadowdale
Whaul Zormm FRE2 Tantras
Whelgar Taerncole FRE3 Waterdeep
Xantilan FRE1 Shadowdale
Yahorlim FRE2 Tantras
Yarbro FRE1 Shadowdale
Yethan FRE1 Shadowdale
Ylarell FRE3 Waterdeep
Yoss FRE1 Shadowdale
Zaharen FRE2 Tantras
Zelbert FRE1 Shadowdale
Zelond FRE1 Shadowdale
Zelzar FRE1 Shadowdale
Zendaros Rallogar FRE3 Waterdeep
Zzun Tzhar FRE3 Waterdeep