Friday, 8 March 2013

More Names by Ed Greenwood - Candlekeep, Forging the Realms, Spin A Yarn

Here are 167 more names.

The names from Forging the Realms are complete as at today - errors and omissions excepted, of course - while the names from Candlekeep and his Spin A Yarn articles barely scratch the surface. I hope to finish all of the Spin A Yarn names this weekend; Candlekeep should only take me a few years.

Aeriskul    Candlekeep
Ahrakshar    Forging the Realms
Alasturan Malatheer    Candlekeep
Alauntra    Spin A Yarn 2007
Alduth of Neverwinter    Candlekeep
Alorxlan    Spin A Yarn 2008
Alruen    Candlekeep
Alys Farndoan    Spin A Yarn 2007
Amaldur    Forging the Realms
Amaleene    Candlekeep
Amaundra Faeroethyr    Candlekeep
Ammellaraume Margaster    Spin A Yarn 2008
Anlarahlatha    Forging the Realms
Annalathra    Spin A Yarn 2004
Arendreth    Spin A Yarn 2006
Arlborm    Forging the Realms
Aunthordryn the Treant    Forging the Realms
Baelam the Bold    Spin A Yarn 2008
Baelrun Nandar    Spin A Yarn 2007
Baer    Spin A Yarn 2007
Baerem Waeldantor    Spin A Yarn 2007
Baerikho    Spin A Yarn 2004
Baerlum    Forging the Realms
Bandoon    Spin A Yarn 2008
Bangraerho    Spin A Yarn 2007
Barrera Alhound    Spin A Yarn 2004
Beleryk    Spin A Yarn 2008
Belgrim Huldersord    Spin A Yarn 2004
Belgrim the Bold    Spin A Yarn 2004
Beltarkh the Bold    Candlekeep
Blayvur    Spin A Yard 2009
Breldur Arskitarr    Candlekeep
Brengur    Forging the Realms
Caunter    Candlekeep
Clargustus    Forging the Realms
Daerath    Forging the Realms
Danchaezhur    Spin A Yarn 2004
Darathra of the Deep Trees    Spin A Yarn 2004
Dardulph    Spin A Yarn 2008
Dark Shalyss, female wereshark warpriest of Umberlee    Forging the Realms
Dathamra “Deadsword” Alyth    Candlekeep
Dathanae Oumrau    Candlekeep
Daunten Manthor    Forging the Realms
Delmistra    Spin A Yarn 2007
Dlaerek    Forging the Realms
Donalthur    Spin A Yarn 2004
Dredra, Nightlash of Loviatar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Dusk Lanvyl    Spin A Yarn 2008
Duthsurouk    Forging the Realms
Emmurgan    Spin A Yarn 2004
Ethark    Forging the Realms
Faen Dorlurgar Wondergleam    Spin A Yarn 2004
Forn    Spin A Yarn 2004
Galathsar    Forging the Realms
Galaunt    Spin A Yarn 2004
Galmai    Spin A Yarn 2004
Gheladaram    Forging the Realms
Glarasteer Rhauligan    Forging the Realms
Glaress    Spin A Yarn 2008
Godolphin Nandar    Spin A Yarn 2007
Gorar, Fang of Malar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Gorth Garlen    Spin A Yarn 2007
Grauble    Spin A Yarn 2007
Haldroun Mornmantle    Spin A Yard 2009
Hamandrar Illuk    Forging the Realms
Haramond Bandoun    Spin A Yarn 2008
Hardreth    Spin A Yarn 2004
Hartholan    Spin A Yarn 2007
Herekh    Forging the Realms
Hondryre    Forging the Realms
Horgar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Horl/Horlhorn    Forging the Realms
Horlor    Forging the Realms
Horthan of Torm    Spin A Yarn 2004
Ilast Sendru    Forging the Realms
Ilhadra Inthru    Forging the Realms
Iliphanar    Forging the Realms
Ilrin    Candlekeep
Jalarghar    Candlekeep
Jalathra Bravren    Forging the Realms
Jarrok    Forging the Realms
Joysarra    Candlekeep
Kalandra Bandoun    Spin A Yarn 2008
Kathat    Forging the Realms
Kurskyn    Forging the Realms
Lady Faelra Umbrusk of Waterdeep    Forging the Realms
Lanvyl    Spin A Yarn 2008
Larglar Husteem    Spin A Yarn 2006
Larm    Spin A Yarn 2006
Lavhelhar    Forging the Realms
Loreth Swanfist    Spin A Yarn 2004
Lucklai Minstrelwish    Spin A Yarn 2004
Malasker    Spin A Yarn 2004
Manthar    Spin A Yarn 2007
Marandur Kalthur    Forging the Realms
Markhlar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Marlrondur    Forging the Realms
Marrhrek    Forging the Realms
Martul    Spin A Yarn 2007
Massalan    Spin A Yarn 2004
Melark    Spin A Yarn 2006
Melvar the Mouth    Spin A Yarn 2008
Melve Urondur    Forging the Realms
Mhair Szelrune    Spin A Yarn 2007
Muraevus "Merrysong" Ruroerlar    Candlekeep
Murlith    Spin A Yarn 2004
Myschanta Halarra    Spin A Yarn 2007
Naere    Spin A Yarn 2007
Naevur    Spin A Yarn 2004
Nandar    Spin A Yarn 2007
Nareira Fallmantle    Forging the Realms
Narlglar Chelith    Forging the Realms
Nendraer Wondergleam    Spin A Yarn 2004
Nita "the Halfbreed"    Candlekeep
Nyndel    Spin A Yarn 2006
Olephzgar    Forging the Realms
Olimbur Dardulph    Spin A Yarn 2008
Onstag    Spin A Yarn 2006
Orlavar    Spin A Yarn 2004
Oruld    Spin A Yarn 2004
Orviir Kalgalast    Forging the Realms
Parlymzgar    Forging the Realms
Phanarr    Forging the Realms
Phirauz    Forging the Realms
Presper Staunach    Spin A Yarn 2007
Quelzard    Forging the Realms
Rambuck    Spin A Yarn 2006
Rathra    Forging the Realms
Raudraera    Forging the Realms
Raunwyvern    Forging the Realms
Redafaern    Forging the Realms
Relanderquist    Forging the Realms
Reld    Spin A Yarn 2004
Rhaumus    Spin A Yarn 2004
Roarel Jardeth    Spin A Yarn 2006
Roarynguld    Spin A Yarn 2008
Rondreval Sambrast    Spin A Yarn 2008
Ronsil Haeladtongue of Zazesspur    Candlekeep
Roryl Caunter    Candlekeep
Roysil    Forging the Realms
Runelee    Spin A Yarn 2008
Ruskrus    Forging the Realms
Sarrand    Forging the Realms
Scarscales    Spin A Yarn 2008
Semkhrun    Forging the Realms
Semskarr    Forging the Realms
Sharlee    Spin A Yarn 2008
Surroukh    Forging the Realms
Talaressa Wondergleam    Spin A Yarn 2004
Tarnelo Warwynd    Forging the Realms
Thadras    Forging the Realms
Thalver    Forging the Realms
Thardask Emmercloak    Spin A Yarn 2007
Tharlaskra of the Bells    Candlekeep
Tharth    Forging the Realms
Thorl Shatteraxe    Forging the Realms
Torrzgar    Forging the Realms
Tszimurdue    Spin A Yarn 2004
Urthorkh    Candlekeep
Varaezel    Forging the Realms
Vrandeir    Spin A Yarn 2008
Wuldoth    Spin A Yarn 2004
Xameelg    Spin A Yarn 2008
Xondur of Cyric    Spin A Yarn 2004
Yarlhark    Forging the Realms
Yathla    Spin A Yarn 2007
Zherend Arjhool    Forging the Realms

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