Wednesday, 18 March 2015

(Princes of the Apocalypse) Dessarin Valley Sandbox 0 - Introduction & Table of Contents

(Edit 09Jun15) I've rewritten the introduction and table of contents in a new post <here> accompanied by a player-friendly map with fewer locations that I think is better suited to turning the Dessarin Valley into a sandbox.

That means that this post is going to be abandoned and those who are interested in this series should go <here> for the revised table of contents etc....

The D&D Adventurers League abridged version of Princes of the Apocalypse for D&D Encounters has now been released ahead of the full version of the adventure in April. And, unlike with Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, this time I am genuinely impressed.

Of course, I am also biased: I rate Rich Baker my favourite D&D designer of all time and, as was the case with Lost Mine of Phandelver, he's the lead designer of this adventure.

And, as was the case with Lost Mine, it would appear that this adventure has the potential to be an excellent sandbox particularly as it is accompanied by yet another fine map from Mike Schley. So, as I did with Lost Mine, I'm going to post a series of articles on expanding and/or revising the locations in this adventure.

Table of Contents

Here's the list of all the locations from the Mike Schley map above. Please note that the locations marked with an asterisk are encounter locations rather than locations from FR lore. Depending on what material I have to work with, I may or may not comment on these places. 

However, my plan is to cover all the other locations and I will edit in the links as each post is made, just as I did with Lost Mine (aka Starter Set Sandbox).

General Posts

4E Stat Blocks
A Half-Assed Review


*Abandoned Quarry
*Anderil Farm
Bargewright Inn
Black Maw Bog
Cairn Road
*Delegation Ambush
*Dellmon Ranch
Dessarin Hills
The Dessarin Road
Evermoor Way
*Feathergale Spire
The Forlorn Hills
Gaustar's Creek
*Haayon's Camp
Halls of the Hunting Axe
*Helvenblade House
The High Forest
The Horn Stream
The Iron Road
Jundar's Pass
Kheldell Path
Kryptgarden Forest
Lance Rock
The Long Road
*Nettlebee Ranch
*Reaver Ambush
Red Larch
River Dessarin
River Surbrin
*Rivergard Keep
*Rundreth Manor
*Sacred Stone Monastery
*Scarlet Moon Hall
*Sighing Valley (this is not marked on the regional map but is the area around Feathergale Spire)
The Stone Bridge
The Stone Trail
Sumber Hills
*Summit Hall
Sword Mountains
*Temple of Elemental Evil
*Vale of Dancing Waters
The Westwood
Wyvern Tor




More Maps


  1. Oooo.. very much looking forward to this.

    Your Phandelver stuff was excellent! (I pimped it everywhere).

    BTW, Werent't you going to finish Phandelver with a post on Neverwinter itself? Ot was Neverwinter the last?

  2. Hi Tom, thanks for the kind words.

    Yes, you are right! I have a draft Neverwinter post that I need to finish. I got a bit too excited writing up my last couple of actual play reports - and enjoying the actual play - that I largely forgot to go back to it. I will fix that oversight soon. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. Cool.
    (And I meant was "Neverwinter Wood the last?" above.

    I'm Matrix Sorcica on ENWorld, in case you remember.

  4. No worries, I guessed that you meant Neverwinter Wood. Actually, I forgot to mention another reason why I haven't posted about Neverwinter again. I actually need to do some more prep work for an upcoming session that will be set in Neverwinter again. I will combine that prep work with the blog post.

    And, yes, I remember Matrix Sorcica: I appreciated all your words of enthusiasm and encouragement. :)

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    1. Thanks, mate. I wonder how I screwed that up? :)