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Knights of the North - NPC: Toadface, aka Tsathogga

aka Tsathogga


In 3.5E terms, Toadface would be a hezrou fiend of blasphemy/fiend of corruption.

He is bound within the idol of blasphemy in a dungeon beneath the Twilight Marsh.

Toadface looks like a hezrou crossed with a cane toad. Great sacs of poison cover his back.

Roleplaying Toadface

Key Traits: repugnant, vile
Goal: to be freed from his imprisonment
Motivation: no further motivation than simply wanting to be free
Fears: none
Weaknesses: none

Favourite Sayings


  • His imprisonment dates back to the fall of Northkeep.
  • Toadface was summoned to turn the inhuman priests from their deities to the worship of tanar'ri - specifically Dagon and Demogorgon.
  • He has been forgotten.
  • The undead revilers have caused him to call on Cyric for freedom but Graz'zt has answered. (Graz'zt and Cyric are presently allied.)
Stat Block

A normal hezrou is a 9th-level brute or a 4th-level elite brute. Toadface is a 4th-level solo brute as he can grant bonuses to a creature willing to make a deal with him. (These "deals" can be of any duration.)

Toadface can command the swamp water around him to hinder opponents and even to strike in the manner of a water weird from 1E... except that there is also poison damage.

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