Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Knights of the North - Adventure Two

Option One:
The Iron Circle
Adventure Two


What if I took Reavers of Harkenwold and set it around Phlan?

What if the Iron Circle wasn't a new power group but, rather, a front for the Zhentarim?

What if the job of the Iron Circle was to, as it were, surround Phlan with strife and provide the conditions for Phlan to accept Zhent protection?

What if this was also to show Phlan that the Banites were too weak to protect the city and its outlying farms?

And that would also mean I could run a published adventure with minimal preparation on my own part. Cool.

Is there a link between the Iron Circle and the pirates of the Moonsea?

How does this tie into my plans for a portal network centred on Bane's Eye beneath the Ruins of Zhentil Keep?

Option Two:
The Red Claw Siege

Adventure Two


What if I combined Red Hand of Doom with The Speaker in Dreams and added some flavour from the Shadows of the Abyss trilogy?
Essentially, Banites from Mulmaster have manipulated the Banite Red Claw goblins of Thar into laying siege to Phlan. While the goblins are at the gate, so to speak, there is a fifth column within: traitorous clerics of Bane within the Lyceum of the Black Lord. Their presence is undermining the effectiveness of the Black Watch.

The Lord Protector is of little use as he has been possessed by Tyranthraxus.

The goals of the PCs are as follows:

1. Free the Lord Protector from Tyranthraxus.
2. Uncover and defeat the Banite traitors within the Lyceum of the Black Lord.
3. Break through the siege lines and defeat the Red Claw commanders and their Banite advisors from Mulmaster.
It may be that the harbour is also blocked by pirate ships. The PCs could potentially capture one of the ships and use it to sail out of Phlan so they can circle around and attack the Red Claw goblins from the rear.
In Monster Vault: Threats of the Nentir Vale there is a picture of a siege tower that looks like a dragon. Perhaps the Red Claw are using such a tower as a mobile headquarters?

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