Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Shattered Stone - Initial Thoughts

A Brief Introduction

It seems I am on a drow kick.

The drow of Maerymidra are seeking to awaken the quiscient Moander beneath Nightwatch because an awakened Moander has the power to corrupt the mythal protecting Myth Drannor.

The drow plan to corrupt the mythal so that it becomes a thing of darkness thus allowing them to take the city of Myth Drannor for themselves.

The campaign begins with cultists of Moander shattering the Standing Stone. This becomes a signal to Eldreth Veluuthra eladrin and elves, under the leadership of the moonblade-wielding eladrin head of the Starym house, to commence a new campaign against the non-elves of Cormanthor.

There also needs to be a strong Feywild component or, more specifically, a Feydark component.

The Eldreth Veluuthra and the drow are able to move about the forests with seeming impunity. This is because they have access to the network of portals controlled by the fomorian King of Portals.

Using my preferred five adventure format, the fourth adventure is dealing with the drow outpost and the weakened aspect of Moander in Darkwatch while the fifth adventures involves travel into the Feydark to confront the King of Portals and destroy his network of portals (something that the gauntlets of Moander have the power to do). The third adventure could be about ending the Eldreth Veluuthra threat, which would mean confronting House Starym including its moonblade-wielding house head.

I just need to think about the first two adventures some more.


First Edition
Curse of the Azure Bonds

Second Edition
Arcane Age: Cormanthyr
Faiths & Avatars
Fall of Myth Drannor
Volo's Guide to All Things Magical
Volo's Guide to the Dalelands

Third Edition
Attack on Myth Drannor

Fourth Edition
LFR adventures

Monster List
Displacer Beast
Shambling Mound
Spider - doomspinner, glimmerweb, phase
Twig Blight
Unicorn - including black unicorn

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  1. I appreciate your concept. At least it's original and you aren't afraid to go off-cannon, to make the realms your own.
    It's now 2018 and I myself have moved to 5E, where Myth Drannor is partially destroyed again. The Shade for that matter too. I think one of the best aspects of 4E was bringing back Cormanthor/Myth Drannor with the Elves and the Shade.
    Have you ever noticed that the Drow can always "re-populate to become a threat, over and over again, especially Menzoberranzan. It's ridiculous. I know at least I am not the only one who feels this way.
    I am not sure if you are aware but, the Elven Court has a very strong Mythal too. It is also in good shape. I believe it has protection against the Drow too, if I'm not mistaken. Just so you're aware.
    In my campaign, I'm restructuring the whole Realms. I want to bring back many strong kingdoms and even empires, among the many different races, including the Realms and even the Shade.
    I plan on Cormanthyr returning to the state of empire of Elves. With 2 Mythals, most of Sembia and some of the Dales in Ruins, it seems logical. And now that the Sinshree is gone, it's about time Araevin Teshurr (from the last Mythal trilogy), makes his comeback to help Cormanthyr return to Empire status.
    Anyhow, thanks for the good read. Off-topic, I'm in the USA but, I have a lot of family that live all over Australia too. I'm hoping to visit some of my cousins in the next 2 years in Sydney.