Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fimbulwinter - NPCs: Cult of the Dragon

Cult of the Dragon

Why is  the Cult of the Dragon in the Moonsea North?

A cell of the Cult came to Phlan - specifically to (name)'s Library - to research dragons in this region. The Moonsea is known as the Sea of Dragons. They decided to focus their efforts on the Twilight Marsh which is reputedly ruled by a black dragon suzerain whose numerous offspring populate the marsh.

Sevelda of Beshaba
Elite controller 2
Chaotic evil female human invoker of Beshaba

She sees herself as Beshaba's instrument. Phlan has thrown off its bad luck and misfortune and now, once more, it thrives again. This is wrong. This is an affront to Beshaba. She has joined the Cult of the Dragon, in part, because a controlled dracolich might possess the power to undo Phlan's rebuilding and restoration.

Moldgar Darkhorn
Elite controller 2
Evil male human necromancer

Necromancer wears a ring of dragons (cf Neverwinter Campaign Guide).

Galass Bloodwine
Elite soldier 2
Evil male half-elf inspiring warlord/valorous bard

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