Sunday, 3 June 2012

D&D Fan Kit

I noticed something new on the website today: a fan kit (link)for use by WotC customers on their website. I really liked some of the art that was included, all of which related to the Rise of the Underdark theme.

I'll post some here:

I'm assuming that these first dozen or so are house glyphs from the upcoming Menzoberranzan sourcebook:
House Baenre

House Do'Urden

House Melarn

House Barrison Del'Armgo

House Fey-Branche

House Hunzrin

House Oblodra

House Xorlarrin

House Faen Tlabbar

House Mizzrym

I'm wondering if these next three might be alternative unholy symbols for Lolth: 




The following are various book covers:


 Into the Unknown: A Dungeon Survival Handbook cover
 Menzoberranzan cover
This is currently my favourite piece but I don't know where it is from.
 Cover of the latest season of D&D Encounters

Rise of the Underdark-themed D&D logos - very cool!

Web page backgrounds

I've also updated my profile on this blog so that it includes the wording required by WotC so that I can legally post the things I am posting. By including it in my profile, it will appear on every page of my blogs. Hopefully I got it right!


  1. i know the first symbol is house Baenre and the 2nd one is house Do'Urden but what are the other house symbols

  2. Hi Larry, they're listed in Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue. I would edit them in immediately but my internet connection is at its Third World worst tonight. I will try and do so tomorrow.

  3. +Larry Dudley, sorry that it took me nearly a month but I've finally tagged the symbols with their house names.

    I didn't find the final symbol though.