Sunday, 16 February 2014

My FR Metaplots 0 - An Introduction

In the back of my mind, but not yet fully committed to writing, are a few metaplots for my version of the Forgotten Realms which seem to inform nearly every idea I have. These are:

1. The return of a younger Manshoon as head of the Zhentarim and his subsequent attempts to purge the Zhentarim of its mad Cyricist influence and bring it back under Bane's dominion... which is both a beholder plot and a prelude to the Black Age of Bane....

2. Graz'zt the Dark Prince still has Waukeen in his custody and uses his daughter, Thraxxia, to impersonate her. What this means is that the dark heart of the church of Waukeen is a demonic cult dedicated to the Dark Prince... and the Heretics of the Harlot's Coin do not represent a heresy, per se: they are the rulers of the church of Waukeen.

3. In a plot entirely stolen from WotC and their Rise of the Underdark plotline - that came and went without a trace! - Lolth is trying to become the deity of magic and to create the Demon Weave.

I'll give each of these their own post and try and keep them updated.

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