Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A New Banner

One of the drawbacks in living in one of the most third world parts of a third world country is that basic utilities - electricity, internet (yes, it's a basic utility) and water - are all unreliable, despite the fact that I live in a city of 300,000 people.

So, while I've been chugging away writing content for my campaigns, I haven't been posting much of late because of connection issues. I want to get back to posting but I also decided it was time to update the banner I was using, largely because the wizard depicted - Manshoon - may end up playing a fairly significant role in all the campaigns that I am presently toying with.

I've also decided to change the font I use for banners and my Word documents: Ringbearer is similar to the font used in Elminster's Forgotten Realms - which I finally picked up three days ago! - and I was getting tired of Splendours/Bebris Bold after 14 or so years.

This blog has previouly made reference to a possible new campaign which I originally called Doom of Daggerdale (shamelessly stolen from a 2E adventure) but am now calling Blades for Daggerdale (shamelessly stolen from a 4E LFR adventure) and this is the banner that I will be using for that game:

This is, of course, the cover art for Elminster's Forgotten Realms. A couple of days ago I found a post by the artist, Jesper Ejsing, showing his creative process over the course of creating the painting and I rather liked the triptych (if I can correctly call it that) showing the three major stages together. It just seemed like a perfect match for the three part campaign that I plan to run, thus the banner was born.

It looks like our Neverwinter: Year of the Ageless One campaign will restart in earnest next week so that's definitely going to provide me with motivation - and material! - to starting blogging more regularly again. And, if my electricity and internet continue working for the rest of today, I daresay that today's content will be more than just a couple of banners and general chitchat.

And One For Neverwinter Also....
I like how seeing the three stages of the same picture represents how the story of the campaign becomes clearer as the game progresses.

Then again, I don't know anything about art so I could be wrong....

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