Saturday, 20 October 2012

More Names by Ed Greenwood

One of the things I really appreciate about Ed Greenwood as a world designer is that he manages to make the names he gives NPCs sound authentic - you don't get that horrible jarring feeling you get when you read the stupid names that R A Salvatore invents, for example.

Here's a list of more than one thousand names from a few lesser-known products... which I basically chose so they could be used without the risk of the name coming up in a published work.

Name Source
Aathur Castlemourn
Abbarraith The Five Shires
Abran The Five Shires
Adalbran Castlemourn
Adarnra Castlemourn
Adarra Shanroone Castlemourn
Adaunth Castlemourn
Adaunthra Castlemourn
Adelbar Castlemourn
Aduin Halls of the High King
Aeden Carmeirnar Castlemourn
Aercruth The Five Shires
Aerho Castlemourn
Aethnae Castlemourn
Aglar Endless Stair
Aithelar Halls of the High King
Alace Shumbril The Five Shires
Alagh Marhook Castlemourn
Alander Castlemourn
Alaragus Castlemourn
Alarmak Castlemourn
Albadan The Five Shires
Albaerlus Castlemourn
Albitrur Haund of Highcoin House Castlemourn
Aleena Halls of the High King
Alessra Castlemourn
Alessra Castlemourn
Algahund Endless Stair
Almandass Endless Stair
Alock Castlemourn
Alphrantul Halls of the High King
Alran Castlemourn
Alsandyr Castlemourn
Alsandyr Castlemourn
Althelar Halls of the High King
Alune Castlemourn
Alurlan Castlemourn
Amanthuin Castlemourn
Amaunt Castlemourn
Ammaethe Castlemourn
Ammagil The Five Shires
Ammagil Rallytongue The Five Shires
Ammarzel Castlemourn
Ammurt Misthand Castlemourn
Amrest Castlemourn
Amruua Castlemourn
Amryl Castlemourn
Amsrille Wyndbow Castlemourn
Anarrlith Castlemourn
Anath Castlemourn
Andabbar Meihklann Halls of the High King
Andaen Castlemourn
Andamar Castlemourn
Andeth Castlemourn
Andraer Castlemourn
Anduar Halls of the High King
Andurl Halls of the High King
Anglara Castlemourn
Angrath Braeror Castlemourn
Angthrul Halls of the High King
Anhaern Rhyllgallohyr Halls of the High King
Anikka Castlemourn
Anlys Brightgauntlet Castlemourn
Anskellyn Castlemourn
Anskellyn Castlemourn
Ansyble Halls of the High King
Antranig Castlemourn
Anvilar Castlemourn
Arachnulus Castlemourn
Aradue Castlemourn
Arathael Stormhurler Castlemourn
Araugh Castlemourn
Araunn Castlemourn
Arbrand Castlemourn
Arcathrae Mellothrin The Five Shires
Ardawn Castlemourn
Ardreld Castlemourn
Arduth Castlemourn
Ardythe Castlemourn
Ardythe Baerenthur Castlemourn
Arenthor Halls of the High King
Arhdahkaun Castlemourn
Arkamma Ruendeir Castlemourn
Arlock Talonrise Castlemourn
Arluin The Five Shires
Armillian Duirmir The Five Shires
Arnaunt Castlemourn
Arrandur Castlemourn
Arshroon Castlemourn
Artarma Castlemourn
Artonn Endless Stair
Asgraele Castlemourn
Ashaera Synribbar The Five Shires
Asmaera Ethalaum Castlemourn
Asmer Castlemourn
Asmrei Castlemourn
Asmrel Castlemourn
Asztellor Endless Stair
Atalantar Halls of the High King
Auldin Nethurr Castlemourn
Aumadurr Thaelost Castlemourn
Aumanthus Thelwood Castlemourn
Aumbril Castlemourn
Aumbyr The Five Shires
Aummunast Ghelkor Castlemourn
Aumounel Castlemourn
Aumun Castlemourn
Aunatha Castlemourn
Aundreth Lororn Castlemourn
Aunelle Yaurlees Castlemourn
Aunleira Castlemourn
Aunnthorn Nortarlar Castlemourn
Auroth Castlemourn
Avarandis Castlemourn
Avellar Castlemourn
Avgarl Castlemourn
Aviathar Castlemourn
Azaundra Delzryth Castlemourn
Azurla Castlemourn
Azuulae Sadara Castlemourn
Baehallow Castlemourn
Baera Deljack Castlemourn
Baerand Castlemourn
Baerdra Castlemourn
Baeren Castlemourn
Baerent Castlemourn
Baeria Endless Stair
Baerlyn Morthar Castlemourn
Baernyth Halls of the High King
Baerondur Eluutyn Castlemourn
Baerthim The Five Shires
Balastaera Glassfeather Castlemourn
Baranthra Castlemourn
Bardarra Castlemourn
Barend Castlemourn
Barlan "Skullshield" Llaskor Castlemourn
Barrdagh Castlemourn
Barthan Castlemourn
Barusz The Five Shires
Bel Castlemourn
Belarbra Castlemourn
Belarn Halls of the High King
Belbatha The Five Shires
Beldar Endless Stair
Beldelkh Castlemourn
Beldor The Five Shires
Beldyn Castlemourn
Belgarophaun Ensemmer Castlemourn
Belistar Halls of the High King
Belkaer Castlemourn
Bellard Stel Castlemourn
Bellaun Castlemourn
Bellothiir Yollershield The Five Shires
Bellowforge Castlemourn
Bellwood Castlemourn
Belmethe Castlemourn
Belnune Castlemourn
Belokh Castlemourn
Belondhul Castlemourn
Belra Castlemourn
Belshareen Halls of the High King
Beltarth Castlemourn
Bemurra Castlemourn
Beshyele Castlemourn
Bhaerdyl Halls of the High King
Bhellen Castlemourn
Birnan Castlemourn
Biss Araum The Five Shires
Blackel of the Mysteries Castlemourn
Blacklar Castlemourn
Blackoon Castlemourn
Blackoonar Castlemourn
Blacksaddle Castlemourn
Blaeth Halls of the High King
Blaskadar Steelpyke Castlemourn
Blasko Thirl The Five Shires
Blaskudar Castlemourn
Blesk Evershade The Five Shires
Bleyrar Castlemourn
Bleys Horndaun Castlemourn
Blind Arrask Castlemourn
Boelel Castlemourn
Boenarra Castlemourn
Bohlisz Castlemourn
Boldo Castlemourn
Boldrovar Castlemourn
Bondyon Castlemourn
Borold Castlemourn
Borun Morlar Castlemourn
Bowan Castlemourn
Brace Nildahar The Five Shires
Brahanna Whiteshield Castlemourn
Brance Castlemourn
Brande Castlemourn
Brandlorn Castlemourn
Brightstar Castlemourn
Brin Donthiir The Five Shires
Brindorhin The Five Shires
Broethsea Castlemourn
Brondaxe Castlemourn
Brorel Castlemourn
Brorim Handral, Shield of Stauntstone Castlemourn
Bross The Five Shires
Brozzart The Five Shires
Bruirlur Castlemourn
Brune Castlemourn
Brwynella Halls of the High King
Brysra Castlemourn
Bulnagh Castlemourn
Bulzim Sulshar The Five Shires
Bungol The Five Shires
Burdrar Castlemourn
Burlgar Dawnhorn Castlemourn
Burnar Castlemourn
Burrmra Castlemourn
Cadelner Castlemourn
Caedra Blacksaddle Castlemourn
Caeth Castlemourn
Caeth Castlemourn
Caiomhae Castlemourn
Cairak Redbeard Halls of the High King
Cairyssa Halls of the High King
Caladuth Castlemourn
Calaela Castlemourn
Caland Castlemourn
Calantorn Castlemourn
Calatorma Castlemourn
Calaunthra Castlemourn
Camtlann Castlemourn
Carandeira Castlemourn
Caszath Castlemourn
Cauldyth Halls of the High King
Cendrikh Castlemourn
Chaern Castlemourn
Chalasstir Endless Stair
Chancelle Castlemourn
Cheiromar Endless Stair
Cheiros Endless Stair
Chellra Castlemourn
Chellra Meirmont Castlemourn
Chemmore Castlemourn
Cilindue Castlemourn
Clabbas The Five Shires
Clarila Castlemourn
Clarla Bracebow Castlemourn
Clatho Trleandur Castlemourn
Clementh Castlemourn
Clort Castlemourn
Coinrain Castlemourn
Coln Baerannon Halls of the High King
Commor Halls of the High King
Corlel Castlemourn
Corlue Castlemourn
Cormithal Castlemourn
Cormyn Castlemourn
Corwin The Five Shires
Coryll Halls of the High King
Coryn Halls of the High King
Coryn Wahlvur Castlemourn
Csorlus (“Suh-SORL-us”) Castlemourn
Culdur Castlemourn
Cullathas The Five Shires
Curaunna Castlemourn
Cyndraethe Castlemourn
Cyundaen Castlemourn
Daelzun Endless Stair
Daeral Riventree Castlemourn
Daeree Castlemourn
Daeren Tarmor Castlemourn
Daereth Castlemourn
Daerimel Endless Stair
Daermac Halls of the High King
Daerroc (Daerokh) Castlemourn
Daertalon Castlemourn
Dagleth Endless Stair
Dalaera Castlemourn
Damanth Castlemourn
Damantha Castlemourn
Dandarr Castlemourn
Darauntyn Castlemourn
Darbitlur Castlemourn
Dardara Castlemourn
Darhoon Castlemourn
Darhragh Castlemourn
Darkhaunth Castlemourn
Darlii Castlemourn
Darmar Castlemourn
Darmdrella Castlemourn
Darneld Streel Castlemourn
Darraudan Castlemourn
Darrokh Castlemourn
Darshaw Castlemourn
Darszel Castlemourn
Darthar Castlemourn
Datchet Castlemourn
Dath The Five Shires
Dathlinn Windmaster Endless Stair
Daumra Castlemourn
Daunelora Mastarach Castlemourn
Daunra Maerilil Castlemourn
Daunt Castlemourn
Dauntil The Five Shires
Dawngleam Castlemourn
Dawnwing Castlemourn
Delathchaunsa Castlemourn
Delbaer Castlemourn
Deldar Halls of the High King
Deleetha Arathim The Five Shires
Deljack Castlemourn
Delmaster Endless Stair
Delmorn Castlemourn
Delmur Castlemourn
Delmurt Castlemourn
Delneth Castlemourn
Delsarra Castlemourn
Delshar Castlemourn
Delsharra Castlemourn
Delune The Five Shires
Delzryth Castlemourn
Desmaere Hollyhaun Castlemourn
Dhost Lharnarr Castlemourn
Dirloth Castlemourn
Dithurlabe of Orzen Castlemourn
Dlaerlyn Castlemourn
Dlarra (Dlarralorra) Castlemourn
Dlezendor Harroen Castlemourn
Dlotho The Five Shires
Dnaethra Castlemourn
Doalryn Castlemourn
Doarove Castlemourn
Doarove Castlemourn
Dolzhabban the Dread Endless Stair
Dondro Halsaltohn Castlemourn
Donthan Castlemourn
Dool Castlemourn
Dorath Castlemourn
Dorath Deen Castlemourn
Doraunt Castlemourn
Dornbar Castlemourn
Dornelar Hauklar Castlemourn
Dorro Castlemourn
Dorthtyn Castlemourn
Douglar Hyuukhaun Halls of the High King
Downlyon Castlemourn
Dradarma Castlemourn
Droanen Castlemourn
Drost Lharnarr Castlemourn
Drusthorn Castlemourn
Duara Castlemourn
Duimere Castlemourn
Dulgud Endless Stair
Dulsarra Hardhorn Castlemourn
Dultann Halls of the High King
Dunnklaer Castlemourn
Dunnklan Castlemourn
Dunstorn Castlemourn
Duntreth Castlemourn
Duntreth Malaximur Castlemourn
Duntur Castlemourn
Durbara Castlemourn
Durblade Castlemourn
Durgan Ironmask Castlemourn
Durn Castlemourn
Durnhas Ilmicoll Halls of the High King
Durravin Castlemourn
Duskerell Halls of the High King
Duskwynd Castlemourn
Dussloe Castlemourn
Ebran Castlemourn
Ediram Castlemourn
Ediram Castlemourn
Edreth Castlemourn
Elarl Castlemourn
Elauthyn Castlemourn
Eldahil Endless Stair
Eldann Castlemourn
Eldrake Castlemourn
Eldreene Castlemourn
Eldren Castlemourn
Eldrith Rhustul Castlemourn
Eledorn Castlemourn
Elempar Castlemourn
Elevos Sturn, tamer of wyverns The Five Shires
Elflorn Castlemourn
Elgur Castlemourn
Elintel The Five Shires
Elktazar Endless Stair
Ellanath The Five Shires
Elmar Urdraken Castlemourn
Elmreth the Grim Castlemourn
Elryn Tharr Halls of the High King
Eltara Braeror Castlemourn
Eluutyn Castlemourn
Elvur Gorondar Castlemourn
Embrelle Castlemourn
Embrenda Louthyn Castlemourn
Embreon Castlemourn
Embuld Castlemourn
Emerel Joezz The Five Shires
Emmer Castlemourn
Empard Castlemourn
Endalue Castlemourn
Endeira Shalaskar Castlemourn
Endelene Halls of the High King
Endeluth Castlemourn
Endeth Castlemourn
Endrego Castlemourn
Endrego Murlivven Castlemourn
Endrorna Castlemourn
Erembra Castlemourn
Erlistyn Halls of the High King
Eruthys Castlemourn
Esdue Castlemourn
Esgel Castlemourn
Esglan Castlemourn
Esgrym Desper Castlemourn
Eskul Maerym Castlemourn
Esmurae Castlemourn
Esselk Storntal Castlemourn
Estel Castlemourn
Estemel Castlemourn
Estorna Castlemourn
Ethkynd Castlemourn
Etlarn Castlemourn
Evenshadows Castlemourn
Evoe Castlemourn
Faelarna Castlemourn
Faendarra Castlemourn
Faendruse Castlemourn
Faene Castlemourn
Faenre Castlemourn
Faerdinel The Five Shires
Falconfar Castlemourn
Fandran Castlemourn
Fangward Castlemourn
Farfallow Castlemourn
Farl Castlemourn
Farront Castlemourn
Faunra Castlemourn
Felkath Castlemourn
Feln Castlemourn
Felnar Castlemourn
Feskrar "the Furious" Castlemourn
Fiercefend Castlemourn
Figliol Castlemourn
Filfaera Halls of the High King
Fimsar Castlemourn
Firelorn Castlemourn
Flaeme Castlemourn
Flaeroed Castlemourn
Fondror Castlemourn
Forarrluth Castlemourn
Forestfar The Five Shires
Forlar Castlemourn
Forlar Calantorn Castlemourn
Fornfael Castlemourn
Forthond Castlemourn
Furgh Oorr The Five Shires
Furlyn Castlemourn
Fyndlara Castlemourn
Fyndrel Castlemourn
Fyrdol The Five Shires
Fyrtal The Five Shires
Gadroar Castlemourn
Gaela Castlemourn
Galant Castlemourn
Galass The Five Shires
Gallowgate Castlemourn
Galzar Endless Stair
Garig Hautun Castlemourn
Garlut Ensemmer Castlemourn
Garshee Castlemourn
Gaskarr Castlemourn
Gatha Castlemourn
Gauntather the Dread Scourge Halls of the High King
Gauntrys Castlemourn
Gelklor Castlemourn
Gelkorl Castlemourn
Ghaland Castlemourn
Ghalass Castlemourn
Ghalmant Castlemourn
Ghalment Castlemourn
Ghandalar Castlemourn
Gharkuhn Castlemourn
Gharlaun Castlemourn
Ghaundren Carmeirnar Castlemourn
Glael Castlemourn
Glaelan Castlemourn
Glaelskyn Castlemourn
Glaemtree Castlemourn
Glamryn Castlemourn
Glamur Castlemourn
Glarym Castlemourn
Glath Castlemourn
Glaunthas The Five Shires
Glaurant The Five Shires
Glintur Castlemourn
Glorn Stonesword Castlemourn
Gloroun Castlemourn
Glorr Castlemourn
Glothkal Castlemourn
Gloun Castlemourn
Glusgar Castlemourn
Gluslake Castlemourn
Goghkh - orc The Five Shires
Golaunt Castlemourn
Goldaun The Five Shires
Gommar Castlemourn
Gondulrim The Five Shires
Gontor Castlemourn
Gontra Castlemourn
Gorcraw Castlemourn
Gordeirn Halls of the High King
Gordel Endless Stair
Gorlar Castlemourn
Gormount Castlemourn
Gornell Castlemourn
Gorog Kairagh Castlemourn
Gort Castlemourn
Gorth Castlemourn
Goskul Castlemourn
Gowlath Londahar Castlemourn
Guldahan The Five Shires
Guldus Endless Stair
Gunzuth The Five Shires
Gurlara Castlemourn
Gurynkh Castlemourn
Gustar Endless Stair
Guszmur Castlemourn
Guthlan Castlemourn
Guthtal Endless Stair
Habbur Castlemourn
Hael Castlemourn
Haelag Castlemourn
Haelarr Castlemourn
Haeleth Braeror Castlemourn
Haelgatha Castlemourn
Haelhollow Castlemourn
Haembar Halls of the High King
Haerevhon Castlemourn
Haern Halls of the High King
Haerond Castlemourn
Haerrak Holone Castlemourn
Halagaunt Castlemourn
Halamather Halls of the High King
Halandar Castlemourn
Halanjak Castlemourn
Halar Castlemourn
Halar Castlemourn
Halark Castlemourn
Halarren Castlemourn
Halaunglar Castlemourn
Halazar Endless Stair
Halder Halls of the High King
Halto Neveront Castlemourn
Hamatheir Castlemourn
Hamma Castlemourn
Hammerstar Castlemourn
Harandar Dorn Castlemourn
Hardhorn Castlemourn
Hargryn Halls of the High King
Harla Morntyl Castlemourn
Harlarm Castlemourn
Harlaz Daurmortaun Castlemourn
Harnel Klarnshar Castlemourn
Harrag Castlemourn
Hasmyr Castlemourn
Haukauth Castlemourn
Hauklar Castlemourn
Haummagh Castlemourn
Haundamanth Castlemourn
Hauntran Castlemourn
Haurek Castlemourn
Haurhammer Castlemourn
Haurlen Castlemourn
Hawklorn Castlemourn
Heladh Castlemourn
Helbareim Alanasker Halls of the High King
Heldrim Castlemourn
Hella Castlemourn
Helmviper Castlemourn
Heln Castlemourn
Helthar The Five Shires
Helver Castlemourn
Hemmar Castlemourn
Hendriika Castlemourn
Hessalo Avrein Halls of the High King
Hirstyn Castlemourn
Hladim The Five Shires
Hlandrar Halls of the High King
Hlaun Castlemourn
Hlormyn Castlemourn
Hoarvend Castlemourn
Holond Castlemourn
Holorne Castlemourn
Hoond Halls of the High King
Horaer Baerenthur Castlemourn
Horaunn Castlemourn
Horhondra Castlemourn
Horl Battlebur - halfling The Five Shires
Hornlyn Castlemourn
Hovhaness Castlemourn
Hronsul Brammath Eirdruin Castlemourn
Hulda Castlemourn
Hullbuck Castlemourn
Hundarr Castlemourn
Hurlur Castlemourn
Hurma (Hurna) Castlemourn
Hurmauk Castlemourn
Huthbear Castlemourn
Huthur The Five Shires
Hyartar Castlemourn
Hyrantha Castlemourn
Iandarr Castlemourn
Ilbaelra Castlemourn
Ildargh Narnult Castlemourn
Ildus Yorond Castlemourn
Ilist Halls of the High King
Ilmrene Halls of the High King
Ilmurth Malandar Castlemourn
Ilsakr Castlemourn
Iltarse Castlemourn
Iluuyx (“Lyx”) Castlemourn
Imbrar Castlemourn
Imbrilda Mallaunth Castlemourn
Imburl Brokenblade Castlemourn
Imdur Sarthil Castlemourn
Imdurr “Longaxe” Toroth Castlemourn
Immra Castlemourn
Immur Castlemourn
Imrim Rulandar Castlemourn
Imundar Castlemourn
Imundar Castlemourn
Indarn Halls of the High King
Indra Castlemourn
Indul Daramir Castlemourn
Indyl Castlemourn
Ingle The Five Shires
Iniph Halls of the High King
Intamm Castlemourn
Irbrorn Doarove Castlemourn
Irdrake Castlemourn
Irduir Castlemourn
Irimae Endless Stair
Iristan Halls of the High King
Irjet Castlemourn
Irjet Castlemourn
Irleth Castlemourn
Irmir The Five Shires
Irmutar Halls of the High King
Ironar Castlemourn
Irrog Castlemourn
Irstrake Ohnborn Castlemourn
Issiteera Castlemourn
Ithelt Pondarr Castlemourn
Iymbethnele Castlemourn
Iyrtress Castlemourn
Izarl Castlemourn
Izmyrlian Castlemourn
Jabban Endless Stair
Jaerair (Jaerar) Castlemourn
Jaervosz The Five Shires
Jalandar Blacklock Castlemourn
Jalandeire Glothkal Castlemourn
Jalanth Castlemourn
Jalarra Castlemourn
Jalassa The Five Shires
Jalassyn Halls of the High King
Jalessa The Five Shires
Jamand Castlemourn
Jamandar Castlemourn
Jamith Endless Stair
Janthobell The Five Shires
Jaorge One-Eye The Five Shires
Jarandra Castlemourn
Jard Braeror Castlemourn
Jarlarra Castlemourn
Jarrar Castlemourn
Jaskur Castlemourn
Jasraele Castlemourn
Jasser The Five Shires
Jasses Naebra Castlemourn
Jatha The Five Shires
Jatha The Five Shires
Jeldyn Castlemourn
Jelvarel Endless Stair
Jemesrelle Castlemourn
Jeskyl Castlemourn
Jhalad Castlemourn
Jhalaera Malree Castlemourn
Jhalarg Endless Stair
Jhalatha Halls of the High King
Jhaless Hornbroar Castlemourn
Jhaness Endless Stair
Jhanil Endless Stair
Jhelmune Castlemourn
Jindren Castlemourn
Joam Astlar The Five Shires
Jollyar The Five Shires
Jolthiir Battlebur The Five Shires
Joraund Castlemourn
Jorlorth Castlemourn
Jorneer Castlemourn
Joroth Castlemourn
Jorth Castlemourn
Juelarma Castlemourn
Junsable The Five Shires
Jurth Castlemourn
Jus Castlemourn
Jusklorn Castlemourn
Juth The Five Shires
Juthindar The Five Shires
Juthrel Castlemourn
Kadaunth Castlemourn
Kaie Castlemourn
Kairagh Castlemourn
Kantivel Chonn Halls of the High King
Karaeyan Castlemourn
Karandor Castlemourn
Karst The Five Shires
Kelmur Castlemourn
Kelmur Nethurr Castlemourn
Kemmur Castlemourn
Khalan Castlemourn
Khalandorn Castlemourn
Khalandornar Castlemourn
Khasryn Castlemourn
Khelgur Nuskroun Castlemourn
Khemdree Castlemourn
Khontor Castlemourn
Khornalusk Castlemourn
Klael Castlemourn
Klaela Castlemourn
Klaelyn Castlemourn
Klarm Castlemourn
Klarnshar Castlemourn
Klaul Castlemourn
Klaun The Five Shires
Kleea Castlemourn
Kleefar Castlemourn
Klord Castlemourn
Klylandra Castlemourn
Korla Castlemourn
Krendur Castlemourn
Krondar The Five Shires
Kruth Castlemourn
Kuldoun Castlemourn
Kuluu Castlemourn
Kurrkor Castlemourn
Kuth Endless Stair
Kylendra Castlemourn
Kylendra Castlemourn
Laddath The Five Shires
Laenthe Castlemourn
Laerelee Castlemourn
Lalurra Castlemourn
Lamintar The Five Shires
Lamoril Castlemourn
Lamorne Castlemourn
Lancenorn Castlemourn
Landaen Castlemourn
Landrath Castlemourn
Larancel Castlemourn
Larauna Velmantle Castlemourn
Larbrand Castlemourn
Largrymm Castlemourn
Larimmon Castlemourn
Larlasse Castlemourn
Larrode Castlemourn
Larthar Castlemourn
Larthyn Castlemourn
Lathake Castlemourn
Lathkoon Endless Stair
Lathluryl Endless Stair
Lathsyr Albrondur The Five Shires
Leelae Endless Stair
Leesaud Castlemourn
Leethar The Five Shires
Leethila The Five Shires
Lelnarr Castlemourn
Levalas Quickhand The Five Shires
Lharkyn Castlemourn
Lharsk Castlemourn
Lhoadur Castlemourn
Lhoreth Halls of the High King
Lippur Castlemourn
Lithleira Castlemourn
Llaskryn Castlemourn
Llora The Five Shires
Llornak Castlemourn
Loalander Halls of the High King
Loaroara Castlemourn
Loberlinn Mulgor The Five Shires
Lodestar Castlemourn
Lodo The Five Shires
Loehoe Castlemourn
Loeroes Castlemourn
Lokhlar Castlemourn
Loktal The Five Shires
Londahar Castlemourn
Longnose Castlemourn
Lorandur Castlemourn
Loril Castlemourn
Loriss Castlemourn
Lorlen Darr Castlemourn
Lorlyn Castlemourn
Lorn (Orlorn) Castlemourn
Lorn Mrelhorn Castlemourn
Lornel Ojlokh Castlemourn
Lorora Castlemourn
Lorrouva Castlemourn
Lorth Castlemourn
Lorwinkel Castlemourn
Lothlyn Castlemourn
Lothran Castlemourn
Lothrannen Castlemourn
Luel Castlemourn
Lulace Castlemourn
Lurgh The Five Shires
Lurklock Castlemourn
Lurlakh Ombur Castlemourn
Luth Castlemourn
Luthsurl Castlemourn
Luuthar Castlemourn
Luuthaven Castlemourn
Lyamar Castlemourn
Lylran Castlemourn
Lyndom Castlemourn
Lyndwood Castlemourn
Lyonar Castlemourn
Lyrond Castlemourn
Lzammer Endless Stair
Maalym Castlemourn
Mabrith Ondroth Castlemourn
Maehin The Five Shires
Maelandra Castlemourn
Maelgryn Castlemourn
Maepranth Castlemourn
Maeradagh Castlemourn
Maeradagh Faendruse Castlemourn
Maeraek Castlemourn
Maeragh The Five Shires
Maerdeth The Five Shires
Maerilil Castlemourn
Maerklara Endless Stair
Maerlur Castlemourn
Maerlur Castlemourn
Maernror Halls of the High King
Maerogh - orc The Five Shires
Mahrokh Castlemourn
Mahrokh Castlemourn
Mairae Ulzander Halls of the High King
Malahand Castlemourn
Malaric The Five Shires
Malasgar Braeren Castlemourn
Malauva Castlemourn
Malavindor Castlemourn
Malcrosz Manycoats The Five Shires
Mallar The Five Shires
Mallastyr The Five Shires
Mallaunth Castlemourn
Malvaeros Harrowhand Castlemourn
Mambra Castlemourn
Mammurt Lhakhauviar Castlemourn
Mandreile Castlemourn
Mannym Halls of the High King
Marag Castlemourn
Marag Castlemourn
Maraskalyn Castlemourn
Mardulth Castlemourn
Marhaen Castlemourn
Marintor Treeshadow The Five Shires
Markyl Deljack Castlemourn
Marl Olburtaun Castlemourn
Marlarla Queldra Castlemourn
Marlatha Ethkynd Castlemourn
Marlax Braeror Castlemourn
Marlstag Castlemourn
Marratha Dreir Castlemourn
Marrovar Castlemourn
Marrux Horbilar Castlemourn
Marthmur Castlemourn
Marthoon Castlemourn
Maskurman Huljack Castlemourn
Mastarach Castlemourn
Mastramm Halls of the High King
Mathlas the Grim Halls of the High King
Maukra Ararnhelm Castlemourn
Maunjar Castlemourn
Maur Castlemourn
Maurlonkh Castlemourn
Maurold Castlemourn
Meermeera The Five Shires
Meirmeir The Five Shires
Melandra Castlemourn
Meldock Castlemourn
Melnask Castlemourn
Melqor Castlemourn
Melrauth Castlemourn
Melvair Darkhorn Halls of the High King
Mergaunt Castlemourn
Merrendur Castlemourn
Meslyn Castlemourn
Mhaerla of the Potions Castlemourn
Miina Castlemourn
Milaster The Five Shires
Mimbur The Five Shires
Mirlian Castlemourn
Mirralar Castlemourn
Mirshim The Five Shires
Mistcloak Castlemourn
Mistmyr The Five Shires
Mistwood Castlemourn
Mithintle The Five Shires
Mlor Castlemourn
Moakim Endless Stair
Moldgar The Five Shires
Molond Castlemourn
Mord Castlemourn
Morgrym Carmeirnar Castlemourn
Morilk Castlemourn
Morlorne Castlemourn
Mormar Castlemourn
Morninghorn Castlemourn
Morold Taunthorn Castlemourn
Mororna Quemmethe Castlemourn
Morrowe Castlemourn
Morrud Castlemourn
Morthoon Castlemourn
Mosstree Castlemourn
Moszmae Castlemourn
Mratchen Castlemourn
Mreldo Irjet Castlemourn
Mrelkorr Castlemourn
Mrester Castlemourn
Mrokh Oubrah Daseyel Castlemourn
Mrye Castlemourn
Muerar Castlemourn
Muimzir The Five Shires
Muldair The Five Shires
Multhim The Five Shires
Mundarth the Cloaked Castlemourn
Mundur Castlemourn
Munedra Castlemourn
Murl Castlemourn
Murlem Londahar Castlemourn
Murlokh Castlemourn
Murnra Castlemourn
Murra Castlemourn
Murrakh Castlemourn
Muruld Castlemourn
Mustivel Halls of the High King
Myritauna Shelaun Halls of the High King
Myrmaur Castlemourn
Myrym Castlemourn
Mysk Castlemourn
Naera Endless Stair
Naerae Castlemourn
Naerance Castlemourn
Naeranthra Castlemourn
Naerynkh Castlemourn
Naeyasa Castlemourn
Nairi Castlemourn
Najirit Endless Stair
Nallo Harvethen Castlemourn
Namarrue Castlemourn
Namauthra Castlemourn
Namraetha Castlemourn
Nandroth Castlemourn
Nanreene Castlemourn
Nanthiir Halls of the High King
Nanuen Szistyl Castlemourn
Narlarph Castlemourn
Narleera Castlemourn
Narlonsur Castlemourn
Nasmul Castlemourn
Nasz The Five Shires
Naszuth Irmpetiir The Five Shires
Nathnor Castlemourn
Nathus Castlemourn
Nauntlar Embreon Castlemourn
Navrilstar The Five Shires
Neeve Castlemourn
Neirdra Belanthar Castlemourn
Nekrach Castlemourn
Neldrau Castlemourn
Nelm Endless Stair
Nelnarn Castlemourn
Nelnurr Castlemourn
Nelvimdra Castlemourn
Nestarl Castlemourn
Nestarl Baerenthur Castlemourn
Nethdan Castlemourn
Nethlond The Five Shires
Nighdal Castlemourn
Nightstars Castlemourn
Nilpiir Castlemourn
Nindra Castlemourn
Nip Battlebur - halflinh The Five Shires
Noanan Castlemourn
Nol The Five Shires
Nolelaut Castlemourn
Nornar Hreld Castlemourn
Norndar Castlemourn
Nornee Castlemourn
Nornel Endless Stair
Nornra Castlemourn
Nors Castlemourn
Nortarlar Castlemourn
Nothchul Halls of the High King
Nulae Castlemourn
Nundaen Castlemourn
Nunkael Castlemourn
Nurlii Castlemourn
Nurn Castlemourn
Nurnlarra the Gem Queen Castlemourn
Nurrikka Castlemourn
Nuryar Castlemourn
Nuskroun Castlemourn
Nuthlore Baerenthur Castlemourn
Nymra the Wave Witch Halls of the High King
Nysham Castlemourn
Nyth Halls of the High King
Oadurn Castlemourn
Obban Castlemourn
Ober The Five Shires
Odele (Odyle) Castlemourn
Odelin The Five Shires
Oglentyr The Five Shires
Oishannan Halls of the High King
Oldhrel "Old Helm" Marrkstaerl Castlemourn
Oldor The Five Shires
Oldwheel Castlemourn
Olipur The Five Shires
Olmar Haskin The Five Shires
Olodele Castlemourn
Olorim the Old, formerly of the Citadel of the Raven Halls of the High King
Olorne Castlemourn
Olornt Castlemourn
Olyss Castlemourn
Omae Castlemourn
Omrue Roazranne Castlemourn
Omslarr Castlemourn
Omsra Ruunda Castlemourn
Omsur Darthan Castlemourn
Ondreth Maskalar Castlemourn
Onnstul Glaedrin Castlemourn
Onstant Aumaguard Castlemourn
Onstrith Castlemourn
Onthok Castlemourn
Ophala Castlemourn
Orbold Eridanor The Five Shires
Orbra Castlemourn
Orbra Castlemourn
Orgusk Blackthar Castlemourn
Orlamdar Dandathjet Castlemourn
Orlevan Halls of the High King
Orlhaurlen Castlemourn
Orlin The Five Shires
Orlphara Halls of the High King
Orluth Castlemourn
Ormbar Castlemourn
Ormelle Castlemourn
Ormprene Castlemourn
Ormril Mruthtyn Castlemourn
Ormryn Castlemourn
Ormscar Castlemourn
Ormskarn Castlemourn
Orn Doalryn Castlemourn
Orndror Holone Castlemourn
Ornrha Castlemourn
Ornserent Castlemourn
Oron The Five Shires
Orrmauth Castlemourn
Orstara Castlemourn
Orstul Hawkheather Castlemourn
Orthenkho Castlemourn
Orthmaar Castlemourn
Orthmael Castlemourn
Orvan Endless Stair
Oskla Castlemourn
Osklyn Castlemourn
Oskyn Castlemourn
Osmae Castlemourn
Osril Castlemourn
Osshana Darance Castlemourn
Ostel Yarmarkh Castlemourn
Ostor Endless Stair
Othmar Castlemourn
Othrong - orc The Five Shires
Paeragus Castlemourn
Paerle Castlemourn
Paladrin Castlemourn
Palandmar Castlemourn
Palandrin Castlemourn
Panthras Halls of the High King
Parandar Castlemourn
Parandmar Castlemourn
Peladorna Broadsheaf Castlemourn
Pelangar Castlemourn
Pelarra Castlemourn
Pelblaes Castlemourn
Pellasz The Five Shires
Pellethe Castlemourn
Pelm The Five Shires
Perrorn Halls of the High King
Phaendra Castlemourn
Phassra The Five Shires
Phelzaron Endless Stair
Phenalon Endless Stair
Plorn Castlemourn
Prasthranna Halls of the High King
Prella Castlemourn
Prendol Castlemourn
Prestel Castlemourn
Puethe Castlemourn
Purdyn Castlemourn
Pyradene Halls of the High King
Qael Castlemourn
Qaraunt Castlemourn
Qerara Castlemourn
Qestelle Castlemourn
Qlarra Castlemourn
Qoth Castlemourn
Quandarr Castlemourn
Queltin Castlemourn
Quemele (Quevele) Castlemourn
Quemenndur Castlemourn
Quesla Castlemourn
Quizzinglas The Five Shires
Quorlyn Castlemourn
Quorlyn Zarrazel Castlemourn
Raddanth Castlemourn
Raedranth Castlemourn
Raem Castlemourn
Raemaunt Castlemourn
Rakyag Castlemourn
Ralagas Therim Halls of the High King
Ralandara Castlemourn
Ralanduth Castlemourn
Ralaroar Castlemourn
Rald Castlemourn
Rallansylk Castlemourn
Randathjet Castlemourn
Randevvur Castlemourn
Ranesk Endless Stair
Rari Endless Stair
Rarlaugk Castlemourn
Rathkuul Halls of the High King
Rathren Castlemourn
Raudar Castlemourn
Raumarl Castlemourn
Raunthar Castlemourn
Raurgh - orc The Five Shires
Rauth Castlemourn
Rauth Bloodboar Castlemourn
Rauzkyl Castlemourn
Ravorra Castlemourn
Regranthra Castlemourn
Relendur Castlemourn
Relmitar Castlemourn
Renglo Castlemourn
Respra Castlemourn
Rethan Castlemourn
Rhandalar the Black Castlemourn
Rhiara Halls of the High King
Rhymesword Castlemourn
Rildahar Castlemourn
Riltlara Castlemourn
Rimbul The Five Shires
Rivin Halls of the High King
Roldinor Tarnshield Castlemourn
Roldor Castlemourn
Rolof Heartwood The Five Shires
Rorldarr Carmeirnar Castlemourn
Rorsyn Castlemourn
Roserook Castlemourn
Rovune Castlemourn
Rozul The Five Shires
Ruchtarg Castlemourn
Ruel Tharlorn Castlemourn
Ruelgur Castlemourn
Ruirel Castlemourn
Ruirlon the Brown Endless Stair
Rulandar Castlemourn
Rulthgar Castlemourn
Rulverjak Castlemourn
Rundegos The Five Shires
Rundra Castlemourn
Runstul Broon Castlemourn
Rurlaeden Castlemourn
Rurraera Castlemourn
Rurraur Castlemourn
Ruthstay Castlemourn
Ruunda Tsauntyr Castlemourn
Rygard Castlemourn
Rymarra Castlemourn
Saeren Castlemourn
Sakr Castlemourn
Salander Halls of the High King
Samprelle Castlemourn
Sandror Castlemourn
Sandur Castlemourn
Sapphiera Telmantle Castlemourn
Sarandar Castlemourn
Sardulkin Castlemourn
Sareeka The Five Shires
Sargarl Castlemourn
Sarja Castlemourn
Sarlusk Castlemourn
Sarmar Castlemourn
Sarrak Dundarr Thraulk Castlemourn
Sarrask Castlemourn
Sarrind Castlemourn
Sashantra Castlemourn
Sashantra Duimere Castlemourn
Sashsash The Five Shires
Savarchann Thongmeir Halls of the High King
Seergar The Five Shires
Sekhovynd Castlemourn
Seldyn Castlemourn
Selkeene Castlemourn
Septran Castlemourn
Septrur Castlemourn
Sestrara Castlemourn
Sevelda The Five Shires
Shadowglint The Five Shires
Shadowveil Castlemourn
Shaerdon The Five Shires
Shalaskar Castlemourn
Shaleen Endless Stair
Shallara Horndragon Castlemourn
Shandysar The Five Shires
Sharae Castlemourn
Sharth Castlemourn
Shivonna Castlemourn
Sibraular Castlemourn
Sildil The Five Shires
Sildra Castlemourn
Simmera Oakhollow The Five Shires
Sintyr The Five Shires
Skarnhelm Castlemourn
Skarnor Buirookh Castlemourn
Slarsharra Castlemourn
Sondurr Castlemourn
Sorlund Castlemourn
Souksa Castlemourn
Sousarra Castlemourn
Sparruk Castlemourn
Sperren The Five Shires
Spiira The Five Shires
Splecter Endless Stair
Ssaernduum - yuan-ti (or naga) Halls of the High King
Ssantiir The Five Shires
Stammath Castlemourn
Standrath Castlemourn
Stantel Castlemourn
Starhaven Castlemourn
Starla Rowanar Castlemourn
Steelpyke Castlemourn
Steelra Castlemourn
Stethnar Castlemourn
Stonehammer Castlemourn
Stonewatcher Castlemourn
Storlth Castlemourn
Stormdown Castlemourn
Stormsharr Castlemourn
Stormstay Castlemourn
Storn Castlemourn
Storneld Castlemourn
Straeklith Castlemourn
Stulnar Castlemourn
Sulandro Mulvaer Castlemourn
Suldra (Suldarra) Castlemourn
Suldrin Castlemourn
Suldush The Five Shires
Summerstars Castlemourn
Summersun Castlemourn
Sundreir Castlemourn
Sunree Castlemourn
Survarden Castlemourn
Swordfire Castlemourn
Sylsilvarra Castlemourn
Syndele Castlemourn
Syryl Castlemourn
Szistyl Castlemourn
Tabrakh Castlemourn
Taelole Castlemourn
Taelon Rhyune Castlemourn
Taen Castlemourn
Tairn Halls of the High King
Taladh Castlemourn
Talann Castlemourn
Taleth Endless Stair
Tallant Castlemourn
Tamburra Castlemourn
Tamrune Castlemourn
Tanburlyn Castlemourn
Tangleclaw Castlemourn
Tantanthar Castlemourn
Tantarelle Castlemourn
Tantarra Castlemourn
Tantraura Castlemourn
Taragh Castlemourn
Tarara Castlemourn
Targen Sorbel Castlemourn
Tarkh Halls of the High King
Tarm Castlemourn
Tarnbaron Castlemourn
Tarnra Castlemourn
Tarnshield Castlemourn
Tarrael Castlemourn
Tarth The Five Shires
Tarth Castlemourn
Tarth Ghelkor Castlemourn
Tartrael Castlemourn
Tarvar Castlemourn
Taslyn Castlemourn
Tasmel Castlemourn
Tasmer Castlemourn
Taulneth Delndar Castlemourn
Taunn Halls of the High King
Taunth Castlemourn
Taur Castlemourn
Tauroon Castlemourn
Taurtogh Castlemourn
Tdzssambaerl - yuan-ti (or naga) Halls of the High King
Teerteer The Five Shires
Tellotheer Unshrokh Castlemourn
Telnard Castlemourn
Telner Castlemourn
Telner Castlemourn
Teltarl Castlemourn
Tembiir The Five Shires
Teshantra Muree Castlemourn
Teskellen Castlemourn
Tesmer Castlemourn
Tespur Castlemourn
Tetha Longtoes The Five Shires
Tethega The Five Shires
Thabbys Halls of the High King
Thaele Castlemourn
Thamral Castlemourn
Thander the Black Flame Castlemourn
Thandle Castlemourn
Thantel Endless Stair
Thantoad Castlemourn
Tharltar Castlemourn
Tharmashe Castlemourn
Tharmorn Castlemourn
Tharsus Castlemourn
Thasmit Hammerwynd Castlemourn
Thassil Endless Stair
Thaundar Castlemourn
Thaungalas Castlemourn
Thaunkeep Castlemourn
Thauntiver Halls of the High King
Thazstar Rhiynn Halls of the High King
Theldor Castlemourn
Thelseena Castlemourn
Thelseene Castlemourn
Thelva Castlemourn
Thelwood Castlemourn
Thelzar Endless Stair
Thendulryn Dhraun Halls of the High King
Thithero Halls of the High King
Thorald the Defiant Castlemourn
Thorm Stormstay Castlemourn
Thorokh Castlemourn
Thostigar Ulmhen Halls of the High King
Thrail The Five Shires
Thrildor The Five Shires
Thronelar Castlemourn
Thulgras Castlemourn
Thurland Endless Stair
Thurroc (Thurrokh) Castlemourn
Thusker Orlin Castlemourn
Thust Castlemourn
Thykyl Endless Stair
Tindrith Castlemourn
Tirostar Halls of the High King
Tlessarar Castlemourn
Tloskan Talvern Castlemourn
Tlothan Castlemourn
Toelran Castlemourn
Torl Damreth Castlemourn
Torlond Castlemourn
Tormil Endless Stair
Tornel Castlemourn
Toroth Castlemourn
Torsornar Castlemourn
Torvald Castlemourn
Tosta Endless Stair
Toth The Five Shires
Tothmeer The Five Shires
Trarthar Castlemourn
Traurr Castlemourn
Traye Castlemourn
Trystree Halls of the High King
Tsauntyr Castlemourn
Tseldown Castlemourn
Tulburt Castlemourn
Turlath Castlemourn
Turrkyn Castlemourn
Tyebout Castlemourn
Tyrfalcon Castlemourn
Tysheene Castlemourn
Uddursea Castlemourn
Uerbora Castlemourn
Ulam Belchiir The Five Shires
Ulast Halls of the High King
Ulbert Llaskryn Castlemourn
Uldin Stonesword Castlemourn
Uldrin Castlemourn
Uldrinath Sedmond Castlemourn
Uldurguard Castlemourn
Ulfyndar Castlemourn
Ulnrakh Castlemourn
Ulskar Brandlorn Castlemourn
Ulthorn Endless Stair
Uluae - beholder Halls of the High King
Uluth The Five Shires
Umbar Castlemourn
Umbrae Castlemourn
Umbrara Castlemourn
Unduin Castlemourn
Unstrable Marthoon Castlemourn
Unzle The Five Shires
Uoula Castlemourn
Uoulvra Castlemourn
Uouvorna Castlemourn
Uraursword Castlemourn
Urendor Castlemourn
Urgurth Castlemourn
Urmarra Castlemourn
Urneth Castlemourn
Urnhallow Castlemourn
Urnstan Haelfellow Castlemourn
Urrara Castlemourn
Uskuloak Castlemourn
Usturgus Mharhallow Castlemourn
Uthlas Halls of the High King
Uvarla Castlemourn
Vaerath Castlemourn
Vaeraunt Castlemourn
Vaerimbra Castlemourn
Vaerryl Castlemourn
Valandra Castlemourn
Valas The Five Shires
Valmur Pharlden Castlemourn
Vambril Castlemourn
Varaunt Castlemourn
Velauna Castlemourn
Veldaen Castlemourn
Veldra Castlemourn
Veldyn "The Fingers" Uruin Halls of the High King
Veldyrina Flaenitarr Halls of the High King
Velmar Castlemourn
Velvra Castlemourn
Verdrim The Five Shires
Viliyathar Castlemourn
Vlakkados Halls of the High King
Vlara Castlemourn
Vlorn Castlemourn
Voreeme Castlemourn
Vorm Castlemourn
Vormarra Castlemourn
Vorth Urla Castlemourn
Vraezer Castlemourn
Vrarr Castlemourn
Vraukh Castlemourn
Vrauntur Castlemourn
Vraya Castlemourn
Vreskor Qaraunt Castlemourn
Vrrauth Balestar Castlemourn
Vustgathur Castlemourn
Vuuldiir The Five Shires
Vyxlara Castlemourn
Waendaen Castlemourn
Waern Castlemourn
Waernscar Castlemourn
Wandra Castlemourn
Warlorn Castlemourn
Warserpent Castlemourn
Wathsembur Castlemourn
Waundan Castlemourn
Waywheel Castlemourn
Wendthorn Castlemourn
Weskyn Jusklorn Castlemourn
Whisperlips Castlemourn
Whisperlips Castlemourn
Woele Castlemourn
Wolauntra Castlemourn
Wolfwar The Five Shires
Wrathelm Castlemourn
Wulvarra Castlemourn
Wulvord Castlemourn
Wyldra Castlemourn
Wyrnath Shadeling Castlemourn
Xabbas The Five Shires
Xauntur Castlemourn
Xavalla Castlemourn
Xintrae Castlemourn
Xorlyn Castlemourn
Xothlin Castlemourn
Xynxan Castlemourn
Xynxil Castlemourn
Yaendar Castlemourn
Yallaren The Five Shires
Yarandar Castlemourn
Yarhoon Castlemourn
Yarlondar Castlemourn
Yarnar Castlemourn
Yarnd Castlemourn
Yarraun Castlemourn
Yaryandra Castlemourn
Yathaunder Castlemourn
Yauramyr Castlemourn
Yaurlees Castlemourn
Yauvae Castlemourn
Yelankh Castlemourn
Yeldruu Castlemourn
Yeolee Castlemourn
Yethtyn Castlemourn
Ylorna Castlemourn
Yondar The Five Shires
Yondul The Five Shires
Yontryl Amatar Halls of the High King
Yostur Castlemourn
Yukoul The Five Shires
Yuldo The Five Shires
Yundas Castlemourn
Zaentso Castlemourn
Zaeram Castlemourn
Zaezurr Castlemourn
Zalvorn The Five Shires
Zamosarr Castlemourn
Zanglezra Castlemourn
Zaressa The Five Shires
Zarrazel Castlemourn
Zarseel Castlemourn
Zelazel Endless Stair
Zoel Castlemourn
Zoese Castlemourn
Zorma Castlemourn
Zorthsel Haramandras Castlemourn
Zorul Castlemourn
Zroas Castlemourn
Zroasan Castlemourn
Zunntar Castlemourn
Zurown Castlemourn

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  1. I wonder when Castlemourn was released. I thought I had coined the name Elforn in 1999 for my character in EverQuest, eventually to obtain the full name of Elforn Argo.