Saturday, 14 January 2017

Tales from the Yawning Portal 0

Wizards of the Coast recently announced that their first big release for 2017 would be Tales from the Yawning Portal, a 5E conversion of seven classic and not-so-classic adventures from D&D's history. Several of these originally took place in Greyhawk but it seems that Tales will update them so that they can be set in FR.

While I cannot do a 5E conversion - I will play 5E but it's not my thing and I won't run it again - I thought I might try and do the FR updates for each of the adventures before the product is officially released in April. 

These are the adventures and, as my posts are completed, I will edit the adventure names to link to the relevant post:
  • 1 Against the Giants
  • 2 Dead in Thay
  • 3 Forge of Fury
  • 4 Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
  • 5 Sunless Citadel
  • 6 Tomb of Horrors
  • 7 White Plume Mountain
Dead in Thay is obviously the easiest to "adapt" as it is already set in the Realms. The others won't take too much work, except that Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan - while an obvious adventure to set in Chult - really would work much better in Eberron. I've already covered Tomb of Horrors in <this post> but I will see if I can come up with something set closer to the Sword Coast for those 5E DMs who have been persuaded by WotC's current product line that that is all there is to FR!

First up, Against the Giants....

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